Yesterday, we flew most of the way home from Arizona on Continental flight CO734T. Flight attendant Jennifer Jackson shared a laugh with us when we boarded the plane. This morning I Tweeted the following:

Here's why:

After Jennifer learned we were flying to Maine, she set out to identify whether we would need to switch concourses in Newark. We smiled and thanked her but we're not really concerned because it was a four-hour flight. When she passed by again a few minutes later, though, Jennifer asked if we'd checked our boarding passes as she suggested. We dug them out and she inspected them on the spot.

But that's not why Jennifer's the best flight attendant ever... even though I watched her make similar connections with multiple people in front of us.

I've never seen a flight attendant do so much and take such care. She was in constant motion the entire flight. If I had taken her up on a beverage every time she passed our seats, I would've spent a quarter of the flight in the bathroom. And then--be still my heart-- she collected the recycling.

But that's not why either.

The reason why Jennifer's the best and why Continental Airlines should financially reward her is because she made me want to fly her airline again. No amount of marketing has ever done that.