Dr. Seuss' birthday is March 2.
He never knew it but we were close.
When he died in 1991, I wrote for him.

Today, thanks to a reminder from my friend Cyndi,
those words are my long-distance dedication.

Marvin K. Mulrooney has at last gone away
The Lorax sits alone in his empty woods today
Yertle the Turtle has fallen off his throne
And the Cat in the Hat finally left those kids alone
Horton heard a hoo and tears ran down his face
The Grinch sat down to supper and led them all grace –

“Although we aren’t together to say our last goodbyes
Please accept my apologies for the tears that fill our eyes
We are all the creation of a man you’ve reclaimed
He was 87 years old and Seuss was his name
He taught us of life and taught us to share
He’d dream a distant land then take us there

I once stole Christmas but he made me give it back
He made Yertle fall off the top of the turtle stack
He put fish of all types in McElliot’s Pool
And made reading fun for those kids stuck in school

Today we all mourn for our friend, Dr. Seuss
The father of many including a moose
So take good care of our father and friend
We’ll stay down here so his memory won’t end”

The Grinch opened his eyes, a hurt in his heart
The cat put on his hat, his heart torn apart
All then returned to their storybook lives
So the memory of Seuss can always survive


jessica carpenter esch © 1991

May we all be fortunate enough to be such a bright light.